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We are the software hub for modern commerce. The TrueOmni Experience.

If you are interested in joining our team,
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Not like the rest

Our 5 principles that make us special

We offer a workplace that is dynamic and where you can challenge yourself. We have five principles that are highly valued and if you share them with us there is a great chance that we will get along very well!

Everything good can only get better

We are obsessed with making things better, there is no limit

Dare - and learn from it

We dare to challenge ourelves and others through sometimes pioneering ideas, why else would we exist?

The customer is always a priority

We focus on the customers, of their activities, regardless of whether we are obsessed with other projects, we always focus on customer benefit

You are the most important part of your team

You always use your high energy level to inspire and boost your fellow team mates to make them exceed. Since all team members works the same, you will get the same boost from your team mates in return.

Time is important - use it well and deliver according to plan

We excell by utilizing time for the right things.

Who you are

We do not get better than our staff therefore we want to hire the best, or those who strive for greatness!

  • You are eager to learn more at a workplace where your knowledge is valued
  • You want to be in a creative and dynamic place out of the ordinary
  • You want to work in an industry that is developing so fast that everything else appears to be stagnant
  • You are naturally curious and open-minded to new ideas on how to make things better
  • You see opportunities where others do not

Our promise to you!

  • We promise you will never be bored.
  • We promise to challenge so you can reach your full potential.
  • We promise that you will be richly rewarded.
  • We promise you freedom under responsibility.
  • We promise to try to inspire you as much as we can.
  • We promise that you will have fun at work.
  • We promise to be honest with you, how you develop regardless well or badly.

How we keep our promises to you!

  • Our diverse companies and broad portfolio of products offer almost endless opportunities for the creative-minded to move on.
  • By rewarding in the form of salary and other compensation.
  • Developing and inspiring tasks and opportunities for internal stepping stones.
  • A constantly motivating and engaging environment that we create together.
  • We continuously invest in the latest technology in order to deliver competitive solutions.
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