Get paid with

Fortus Pay

Easy payment, no matter how you want to charge.


More easily available payment options with our own checkout. Give your store the power to receive payments directly via any method such as card, invoice or mobile payment in your terminal. The checkout can be configured to function both in physical stores and e-commerce via our cloud-based systems.


With Fortus Pay, you can easily charge via link. The link can, for example, be sent by SMS so the customer can pay before the visit or via your customer service chat when they guide the customer to the right product or service.

Payment terminal

With Fortus Pay, you can charge directly with the payment terminal in the store. The terminal works independently and can activate payment via card, swish and invoice directly.

If you also need a cash register, we have an all-in-one solution where the cash register is run directly in the terminal without the need for any other devices.

Fortus Care

We offer tailor-made payment solutions for health clinics. Fortus Care enables clinicians to charge on clinic terms, no matter where the patient is. With Care, partners do not have to have several different integration partners for payment, it is enough to join us. We maintain the rest!

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