We build the future

Who we are

Like a startup but older and with a wider area of business

Our solutions range from a single store, to chains, to wholesale, to e-commerce, to full and true omni.

Why we exist

We see a retail business that is in a rapid change. Old school thinking and technology regardless of retail or e-commerce is in need to be replaced at an ever-increasing rate to meet customer demands. We aim to meet the needs of our customers by providing cloud-based integrated solutions that better connect all flows, market communication, payments and logistics.

Our vision

The way we shop and how we pay is constantly changing – Today’s stores will be showrooms, the customer will try on, feel and pinch -via mobile or on-site. Payment is entirely mobile and automatic – deliveries are made via co-deliveries directly to the customer on the same day and thus the stores’ costs and total climate impact are reduced.

We make this possible with mobile devices, in the store, in the warehouse and in the payment transaction.

Our mission

Retailers want simpler yet more efficient system solutions. Our uniquely broad portfolio enables simplicity for our customers  and TrueOmni for the end customer. We are unique in the aspect that we can deliver a complete plug & play retail solution that includes finance, retail and e-commerce in the same solution without any need of integration.

Our organisation

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