Future trading

Fortus Retail

Digitized cash register & e-commerce solution

It is more important than ever to have a digitized cash register & e-commerce solution. Fortus Retail is a unique system specially developed for stores and chains that want to upgrade for future trading.

In Retail we offer


Functionality in combination with operational reliability guarantees that your business will grow big online. All the features of a powerful e-commerce are included, such as:

Cash register system

With Fortus Cashier, it is easy to get paid. The system is cloud-based with daily backup and meets all the tax authorities’ requirements.

Full Omni Trading

Omni trading means that you can have both cash registers and e-commerce, all-in-one. You save time by syncing promotions, prices and inventory.

Marketing tools

Plan campaigns and increase your conversion.

With our marketing tool, you can time-manage your campaigns and plan activities well in advance. Through the flexible admin interface, you create rolling campaigns on the website with unique offers.

You can also see your real-time statistics and follow up on how many consumers take part in your offers.

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